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Picture fragment with the same name

Digital Artist Tools - Photomatix

Best HDR software

It's great software for artists likes HDR style. Merge the photos to HDR Adjust the image to get the style you want, from natural-looking to artistic.

Merged HDR with Preset

You can choose different style from your choice: Balanced, Painterly, Natural, Vibrant, Surreal, Enhanced or you can made your custom style.


Photomatix Pro has a Deghosting Options which helps remove some objects that appear when combining the bracketed images.

Noise Reduction

It's most helpful in dark areas of the source images. You can use this menu option to specify for which images that noise reduction be applied.

From This - to This

After shoot

"Walls that have seen a lot"
Place of photo shoots:
The wall of an abandoned old building on the outskirts of the city.

Final result

"Walls that have seen a lot"
After many Photoshop manipulation we have a moonlit night from daytime shoot.

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