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Digital Artist Tools - ColorEfex Pro

Creativity pad

This is one of the many tools included in the Google Nik Collection. Visual presets give you a wide range of options to use as starting points.

Improvising tool

This tool has 55 filters to create a unique look. You can save your favorite combinations, then apply the same look to other images later.

Application Accuracy

Control points make your filters even more powerful. Different filters can be applied to specific parts of your image to make your picture shining.

Finishing point

This is my favorite filter. I use it after the all work with my picture is done. Save your time and make photos more artistic.

From This - to This

After shoot

"Emergency surfacing"
Place of photo shoots:
A pond near the Kohtla-Jarve city park.

Final result

"Emergency surfacing"
After many Photoshop manipulation we have a early foggy morning from daytime shoot.

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